Staring at the blue sky and fluffy clouds while lying down on the beautiful beach in Bali, surrounded by healing aromatherapy scents and music.We are the one and only soapland in Japan that you can enjoy "Mattress Play" and also oil massage in this heavenly Balinese paradise from the beginning until the end.

Perfectly hygiene private chamber that will make you feel like you are in Bali. Mattress in the bathroom is a special order, designed to keep the mattress warm as hot water running through so that you can enjoy half body bathing at the same time. It will keep you warm and relaxed, you will never feel chilliness like you do at the regular soaplands.

"Healing" is the key. Our original special mattress will take you to a super-relaxing wonder land which you will never find at the other regular soaplands.

Feel free to have some drinks, or being totally passive and let the girl flirt with you, however you want it you can have it your way. We will guarantee the blissful time, more than you could ever imagine. enjoy the extreme "Mattress Play" and sensual oil massage until you have the best orgasm of your life.

In the next 2 chapters, we will be talking about how different we are compared to other soaplands.


All men in the world want the most sensual
Japanese sexual technique, "Mattress Play".

"Mattress Play" originated in Japan. Your wife or your girlfriend may not be able do it.
There is not much experience than the pleasure of the real sex.
Such technique of leading sexual pleasure upon a mattress is a part of traditions created by Japanese people.
*The "Mattress Play" originated in Ogoto, the north region of Kyoto, for "Awa-Odori" or a Foam Dance.

Lotions applied for "Mattress Play" are also originally made in Japan, which is just like the well-known heritage of Japanese technology, of not only the industrial products but is also in a field of sexual relaxation services.

You feel the greatest moment when rubbing each other with slippery warm lotion!
We facilitate both skills and equipments for providing the best that only Japanese Soapland can present.

On the other hand...

Some can say "There is few girls are able to handle the Mattress Play."

Some also can say "Less number of girls are cute and sexy."

mask girl

The "Mattress Play" is not an easy technique of service and not many girls can handle it; they need to acquire the knowledge of making the sensual service better.

In our Sexual Therapists Healing Industry in Japan, the services come to variety to suit many needs of clients and customers. In this sense, the “Mattress Play” is also situated in a challenging environment.

Our “Tenku-no-Mat” proudly presents the best service of “Mattress Play” of which those who are wanting the erotic play upon the matt, and also those who have experienced the “Mattress Play” at the first time.

We keep our challenge to provide Japanese authentic and sexual service for those who know us and those who will know us.


In order to keep our challenge to tackle the high quality of our services, we have number of assignments, for example:


Here is the FAQ

Q: It is cold to have a service in a upon the mat in a shower room.

A: The current trends of “Mattress Play” at Soapland is in a chilly room especially just right after taking a shower.
Our services never make a customer to leave upon a chilly mattress.

Our services never make a customer
to leave upon a chilly mattress.

Our chamber provide warm water stream from different directions all the times, then you feel her temperature directly and
sexually stimulate your skin.

We also apply a lotion on your body to accelerate your sensual feelings as you are relieved by the cozy and warm chamber.

Relaxation and Healing just like in Heaven...

You feel to be just like in Heavan;
Your breath comes into your voicing spontaneous;

You aware of something inside of your body, or something is squeezed out by her hands, just like being on the mattress of Soapland.

You might listen to the sounds of music from a music box;
With a fragrance of aroma filled in the "Place of Healing Chamber",as if no place would be better place of healing or a space of relieving from daily affairs;

Your body and spirits will be released by your sexual pleasdure.

Thank you for taking time to read up to it.
However, the above is our Chapter I of the first stage.

Continue to the second act…


You CAN GO for


The Ultimate Form of Kaishun(Japanese Authentic Body-to-Body Oil Massage)What is the "Tenku Style of SPA and massage Service"?

The Kaishun massage is originated in China to apply body massages to recover functions of masculinity.

Remember the time of adolescent when you were fascinated by your own orgazum.

The terminology of "Kaishun" means "Remembering of Spring" as is the adolescent fascination, exploring the autonomy of the body stimulations.


Does this sound moving to you?

Thank the millions of supporters by registering our membership! We push ourselves forward to the stage of technique towards the new horizon!

The Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, supported by the million members, is the leading company, which has introduced the "Kaishun (Japanese Authentic Body-to-Body Oil Massage)" into the Sexual Healing Therapists Industry.

The "Tenku-no-Mat" is supervised by the JEEMC, and elaborates the authentic testicle & body oil massage to direct your body to the FINISH!

Welcome to the pleasure
beyond the "Kaishun"!!

The Two Stages of Service:Upon the Mattress & Kaishun Service: The Liability of Two Shoots

After the first stage of the "Mattress play", as you stay in comfort being released by the shoot,please keep yourself being released by her massage.

Your feelings and body gradually come into the next stage of stimulating moment pushing yourself forward to the second SHOOT.

Everything let you being cozy. You do not need to do extra actions;
just stay still as you are laying on the mattress.

All of our courses provide the second stage
of the Healing and Releasing.

Imagine your stimulating moment punctuated
by the most intimate touch with her hands and body.
Ask yourself, if there is much experience
than this sexual pleasure upon the mattress.


65 minutes course is now available.

We receive many requests from customers,

who love our mattress play,

and the customers say that they want to concentrate much on our mattress play as well as experience its rich moment of the play.

Many have been talking about,

the service limited to new customers:
The 65 minutes mattress course

is newly established.

Reasons for
choosing the mattress play of
"Mattress in heaven".

A heavenly-type mattresses is not found anywhere else in the world. From every corner of the mattress flows the very warm water that makes your body warm as if you are taking a half bath. When the woman applies lotions on your skin with her touch of her warm skin, you get “exciting” and “healing” sensation within. You would feel as if you were in the sky, as you are relaxing in the wonderful service. There is nothing better play services than the “Heavenly mattress play”. It makes your utterance leaking out of your breath of erotic pleasure as you are just lying upon the mattress.

a feeling so pleasant that your utterance leaking out of your breath,
as you are just lying upon the mattress.

65 minute course

To all mattress lovers,
Please come and get an experience the 65 minute course!

7 points, what we are proud of our service and how different from the others.


Healing spot
like luxury hotel


Relaxed atmosphere with aroma
and beautiful timbre
from music box.


Our lotion includes honey
which is good for your skin


Our oil includes
hyaluronic acid
for moisturizing after "mattress-play"


You can enjoy
foot bath
while waiting


All staff are
(even receptionists)


We have various
alcohols and drinks

"Tenku" which means "in the sky" or "in heaven" is our concept.

There are only women in this relaxing atmosphere.

And we offer relaxing and comfortable place where you can take a footbath, and drinking alcohols while soaking in the bathwater.

A time at this place helps you relax the day away.

First, you will cum at warm mattress with nuru massage.

Howover, it's not finished yet, you can cum again.

She will wash your body and lead you everything, so you don't need to do anything.

Our girl will also give you Kaishun massage (Japanese sensual massage) which makes you heal your body to gradually get sexually excited.

After that, she will wash your body, so you have totally nothing to do.

You will get an amazing experience even you do nothing.

This is our service.

TENKU STYLE -Fees & Service-

Fees & Service

You’ll be convinced when you try it.

"Tenku-no- Mat" is worth more than the price!
"Kaishun erotic massage" "Mat Health" and "Soapland"
These services are all included, Completely 2 shots,This is Tenku Style!

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Location:1cho-me 5-14 Nakasu Hakata-ku Fukuoka-city

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